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A new breed of collection agency in the new millennium.

Our Debt Collection Agency was established in 1999 as Swiss licensed bonded and insured collection agency specializing in cross-border financial , healthcare and commercial debts.

We have our own debt collection agents and lawyers in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

We intend to recover write-offs and create a positive cash flow, fast.

Our Debt Collection Agency is able to provide the full range of collection and legal solutions that other companies can't.
Cross-border debt collection is our routine, since 1999.
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We Work fast.
No delays in contacting debtors in their native language.
Time is more than ever, money.

You provide us with the most confidential and sensitive debtor files and within 24 hours we will be able to provide you with enough information about your debtor.
Utilizing our 21st century technology we will take the information that you provide and input it into our sophisticated automated collection software, which is automatically routed to very experienced and savvy collectors.
All this is done within the first 48 hours that your accounts are placed with our agency.

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We will invest its time and money in experienced collectors, private investigators and personal contact to ensure that you receive your money back. We work on a contingency basis.

Our debt collection Agency will contact the debtor within twenty-four hours of placement; you get your money quicker and improve your cash flow. We work each account to insure maximum asset recovery for your firm. You will receive regular, up-to-minute reports, which will keep you on top of our collection efforts. Information is provided at your convenience, not ours.

We believe in specialization. Many commercial collection agencies assign accounts to collectors on a purely random basis. An account manager who understands your industry will service your account. Our personnel are constantly upgrading their skills and knowledge. When you place your business with us, you will notice an increase in your bottom line because we focus on your particular needs.

We havea invested thousands of dollars in the fastest most efficient computer equipment available and created our own debt collection software. This equipment is constantly being upgraded with the latest technologies. The most comprehensive databases available are at our fingertips. More importantly, we know how to use these resources to collect more money, more quickly, at less expense to the customer.

We work with an international network of over 8,000 licensed bonded private investigators able to locate and perform asset check worldwide. Your debtor will know that we mean business. This type of personal contact with the debtor is one of the main reasons our rate of collection is setting new standards for the commercial collection industry. Armed with this information, our debt collectors can best determine how to pursue a satisfactory settlement of your account.
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“We are accomplished at helping businesses dramatically improve debt collection without harming their goodwill, and our clients are testimony of our outstanding results"
We will collect your debts, fast.
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Our Mission

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We approach every file with the realization that our reputation is on the line. Whether you refer one account a day, or one in a lifetime, we will apply the same level of professionalism in resolving it to your satisfaction.
After evaluating your placed account, we will contact you directly. If we agree to proceed, we will assign one of our international debt collection specialists to your case, under our direct supervision.

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“Promises make debt, and debt makes promises.”
Dutch proverb
place a debt with a collection agency which collect, fast.

No matter where your debtor is, we will locate and contact him.
We provide a global debt collection service, high success rate.

By working together with the our Debt Collection Agency, you will gain access to an expanding network of professionals who are all committed to the excellence principle. We do provide pure international debt collection services since 1999.

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We will collect your unpaid invoices, Fast

“Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.”
~Benjamin Franklin~

We collect where other debt collection agencies & their lawyers fail.

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best debt collection agencylow cost debt collection agency