Pioneering agency offering innovative asset recovery

We offer a holistic, client first approach to any individual or business with a bad debt issue, drawing on our experience of successful debt recovery to advise on the best option for return on debts. We have experienced legal practitioners who advise clients on the prospects in any proposed litigation and help you choose the best method for recovery.

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Low-Cost Debt Collection

Our intelligent debt profiling method

and leading-edge capabilities in credit intelligence minimise risk. This enables us to be in a strong position in negotiating the best available settlement of debts.

So, what makes us different?

  1. Many debt collection agencies operate solely on the basis of basic debtor checks, follow up letters and telephone calls. In other words, they rely on bulk methods and percentage success rates. Your debt may or may not be collected.
  2. We use a tailored, specific, individual strategy for investigation and recovery of each debt.
  3. For example, we may invite the debtor to a consultation meeting, and we don’t bombard the debtor with letters and telephone calls.
  4. We have the legal and procedural knowledge in-house to litigate to recover.
  5. We have significant financial and litigation funding support. When we pursue a debt, debtors know we have the experience and means to pursue it to judgement and enforcement.

Intelligent asset recovery, conducted with sensitivity to the debtor’s financial circumstances.
That is the Cosmopolite Debt Collection Agency approach.

Is your business currently affected by bad debts, unpaid invoices and slow or non-paying customers? We are here to help.
Our B2B debt collection services will quickly and effectively recover you outstanding money and improves your organization’s cash flow.
  • We offer same day placement and same day rapid debt recovery actions for your international accounts
  • We usually get results within 10 days to 20 days for amicable debt collection cases

Corporate Debt Collection can be a sensitive issue for many business, so we conduct our global debt recovery services in a manner that balances the needs of your business and the values of your brand, our native debt collectors will protect your reputation while returning yourY money sooner!

If your business is experiencing bad debt or cash-flow problems, speak to the professionals at Cosmopolite Debt Recovery!