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Debt Collection in Europe?

This is our Business.

We are able to offer a 'No Win No Fee' debt recovery service linking up with our agents in Europe.

If we don't collect your debt we don't get paid!

The legislation and court procedures differ across Europe. We pride ourselves on being able to call upon European debt collection expertise since 20 years. Every case is individual and often requires a bespoke 'international debt collection' solution.

Our  debt recovery systems link your office to our office ensuring you have up to date recovery informations.

We provide a full credit management and debt chasing service. We are ethical and professional and offer a full international credit report facility linked in with our international debt recovery service.

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In these tough economic times cash is king, act now!

Hire An European Debt Collection Agency

Overseas debt recovery  is never easy. However, we not only offer recovery of your debt but our legal team can offer expert local legal help across Europe.

It is a great advantage to have local knowledge when chasing a none paying client.

Our European Debt Collection Agency has the local knowledge and the right techniques when collecting international debts. One of the most important factors in successful international debt collection is how quickly the matter is delt with.
If the debtor is over the time allowed in your terms and conditions then you potentially have a problem! Place your file today.
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Decades of Experience

After 20 years in the collection industry, the Specialists at Cosmopolite DCA know a thing or two about collecting bad debts.
We are cross-border debt collection experts.
Our personal collections experience and familiarity with the process of debt collections enable us to collect your debt - faster and with a successful collection rate that is among the highest in the industry.

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Acting Quickly = High Success Rate

After helping over 1000 clients recover many millions of dollars in past due receivables, our experience has proven the obvious: the longer a client waits to use third party intervention to collect a past due receivable, the less likely it is that funds will be recovered.

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Collect faster, with less cost & stress

Research proves that third-party debt collection agency intervention gets substantially better recovery results. It ensures that your customers know you’ are serious about recovering your profits. It’s a fact!
Our quick response on an overdue balance recovers more money before it can become a problem.

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Consider us as an option to enhance your recovery efforts

Our Debt Collection Agency is a well-established debt collection firm that will collect your delinquent funds using our in-depth understanding of the debt collection process and a team of debt collection specialists.
Our personal collections experience and familiarity with the process of debt collections enable us to collect your debt - faster and with a successful collection rate that is among the highest in the industry.

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Your Success is Our Primary Solution

We will carry out searches and make inquiries on the debtor. We will collect debt in full but in some cases, if appropriate, and with your discretion, we will negotiate a repayment settlement agreement schedule with the debtor and keep track of monthly payments.

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Debt Collection? We can do it, fast.
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Start Recovering Your Cash!

Whether the collection is best undertaken through debtor collection correspondence, telephone debt collection, court proceedings or doorstep debt collection agents - we will undertake the necessary collection procedures to ensure your debts are collected within the quickest possible time.

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best debt collection agencylow cost debt collection agency


debt collection service to all businesses having trouble with non paying customers.

Benefits of using our service include:

  • Faster payment of outstanding balances
  • Low commission charges. No collection No fee
  • No setup costs
  • Local and national service
  • By letting us collect your debt, you have more time to run your business

If you can answer YES to any of the following questions, then you should take immediate action:

- Are you having problems with late or non paying clients?

-Not got the time or the resources to chase your debtors?

-Are you afraid of chasing your customers for fear of losing their business?

-Thinking about writing these debts off?

Fast & efficient service

These are the keys to fast, effective collection of your debts.

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Business to business debt collection

Our debt volume has enabled us to staff our Agency with the most combative and successful debt collection experts available anywhere.

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Promt and accurate reporting to clients

If you are tired of sending bills to people who ignore them and you are ready to do something about it,
Contact Us today.

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Ethical and Highly Professional

Professional, affordable, and reliable, a good debt collection agency will recover the funds you are owed. We’ve provided debt collection assistance for more than 20-years and we’ll collect on your past-due receivables, too.

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Business to consumer debt collection

Our success is the true testimony of our debt collection techniques .
We use highly trained agents and proven effective methods to collect what you are owed, fast.

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Friendly Support

We hope you can find everything you need. Our Debt Collection Agency is focused on providing high-quality debt collection services and customer satisfaction.

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2000+ Happy Customers

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I had been trying to recover this account, but was having no success. Cosmopolite DCA contacted me, and with 7 days I had received the first payment of an agreed arrangement. All other payments were received. Had it not been for them I would not have recovered any money..”
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“The most knowledgeable and successful debt collection agency I've ever worked with is Cosmopolite DCA. We recommend that agency to any company having unpaid accounts. Cosmopolite DCA teaml have always replied to any of our inquiries immediately.”
Bernard Muller, France
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English speaking debt collection agency
“Cosmopolite DCA is the most competent and hard-working debt collection agency I've ever worked with. I can strongly recommend the based on their high success rate and competent debt collections efforts.”
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Our Services

Amicable Debt Collection
Legal Debt Collection
Delinquent Account Recovery
Receivables Collection
Credit Reporting
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Polite but effective methods
The use of a Debt Collection agency (DCA) can speed up the recovery of your bad debts and help maintain your cash flow. It is also a proven fact that if you use a debt collection company, you could also retain your customer.
Flexible steps
We utilise various methods of collecting the outstanding balance. Should our in house collection fail, we pass your debt across to our trained doorstep collectors in some countries.
Timing is the Key
If after three doorstep visits we still have not collected your debt, we will gladly advise a solicitor who will be able to continue recovering your debt through the courts.
Legal Options
All of our visits and paperwork will help with bringing a successful prosecution.  We will be able to advise you on whether further legal action will result in a positive outcome.
Superior Debt collection Service
As a business owner, you know how dificult it is to see weeks after weeks accounts slipping into bad debts. We will use all our techniques and have you paid back.
Friendly Support
We are available 24/7/365 for you, you will have secured access to our debt collection notes via our property debt collection software. Design your own reports and receive via email.
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