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Collect Debt in Turkey
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As Reputable Experts in Turkish Debt Collection, We will work with you to make sure your accounts are paid.

Our Agency delivers a robust Turkish debt collection program using the most advanced methods to track debtors and recover money owed to your business. Interacting with debtors can be quite difficult for customers, not to mention the effort it may take to get the debt back. Cosmo in Turkey takes away the pressure from company owners and helps them to refocus on what they do best: expand their business and reduce costs.

debt collection agency Turkey
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The Best Debt Collection Rate for You

Collecting Debts in Turkey is quite challenging. Use our Turkish debt collection specialists and set-up a working debt collection approach. Our debt collection experts are very familiar with the rules of collection in Turkey.

Debt Collection in Turkey with Success
With a full menu of end to end account receivables management solutions, the results are speedy debt collections with much less third party intervention than the industry's standard. We deliver the power of a third party intervention while allowing you to remain in control at all times. Have your unpaids accounts in Turkey collected quickly.
Proven Experience in Turkish Amicable & Legal Debt Collection
Obtaining a steady positive cash flow is just one of the benefits that our advanced accounts receivables management system provides your business. As the alternative to traditional collection agencies, we have achieved a success rate more than 4 times the industry average for Turkey.
debt collection agency in Turkey
New debt collection techniques

We take the time to properly profile each Account

Recover Quickly Whats is Due To You

In dealing with domestic and international debtors, our Turkey Debt Collection Company has an impressive good name. We have a business model based on a high-level approach with a philosophy of value, productivity and high success rate. Our lawyers and debt collectors are the best in their field and have over 20 years of experience.
As a result, we know how to manage and collect payments for your debtors in Turkey. Fast.

Soft Actions and Strong, When Required

The first method we take is generally mild to ensure that you receive your payment. Moreover, the debtor would perhaps mistakenly have omitted the sent invoice or reminder. Nevertheless, if the debtor does not react to our efforts, we will move to more drastic actions, such as processes, preliminary orders, a motion for bankruptcy or a moderate warrant.
collect debt in Turkey

Turkish Debt Collectors @YourService

You are working hard for your capital, guaranteeing that activities are working smoothly, that your customers encounter outstanding service, and that your business is successful financially. Our goal is to focus on these important responsibilities. Our 20 + year background gives us a strong and successful track record of collecting aggressively on outstanding balances of all sizes in a wide range of industries, including insurance, banking, public utilities, client services and many others.

Quality Solutions for You

Cosmopolite Agency is your dedicated Turkey debt collection agent, supporting companies of all sizes with industry-leading debt collection services in Turkey. We provide extremely effective and friendly services for collections, respecting both parties relations.
Our helpful team members also assist debtors with integrity and responsibility to fulfil their financial obligations.
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We Are there When You Need Urgent
Debt Recovery in Turkey!

Bad customer payment practices are a risk to any business: that's why our Turkish lawyers and our debt collection team will respond if you're having issues with unpaid Turkish accounts.
We help companies recover unpaid accounts receivable out-of-court and in Spanish Courts.

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Explore our Debt Collection Services for Turkey

We Are Problem Solvers

Our Agency focuses in tailor-made debt recovery and credit management solutions across Turkey, from early to late debt collections.
We adopt a responsible, moral and intelligent approach to Turkish debt collection, taking into consideration the reputation of our Clients and the conditions of their consumers.

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In some cases the debtor refuses to pay because they may have a genuine dispute or cashflow problems.

Our objectives towards debt collection are to make you top of the creditors list and secure a prompt payment from the debtor in Istanbul and all Turkey, quickly.

Preliminary due diligence insures that only qualified cases with a visible potential for recovery are forwarded to attorneys for final collection in Istanbul.
Debt Collectors & Lawyers
We have skilled debt collectors in Izmir to effectively demand payment, resolve disputes and follow up with appropriate court action and repossession if necessary.

We know prompt action produces results and therefore all debts submitted or instructions received by2PMare guaranteed to be processed and actioned by our debt collectors the same day.
Speed up your cash flow and keep your money in your bank account where it belongs; We specialises in speedy debt recovery for all commercial and personal debt in Turkey and worldwide.
Debt Collection Team
We have program designed to legally execute on any debt in Antalya according to the laws where jurisdiction prevails. Prior to forwarding a case to an attorney, all cases are thoroughly researched and investigated. An asset investigator is tasked to conduct a Financial Profile Search on the debtor company and its principals.
Our specialised teams will explore all forms of payment options with your debtors in Antalya including supervised instalments.