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Smart Actions

Skip bad debt collection agencies...Our debt collectors and debt collection lawyers can use the fear of quick and significant legal action - which often results in the recovery of your money without suit becoming necessary.

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Apply Legal Pressure

A debt collection attorney can unleash the power and fear of legal consequences a lawsuit may involve, such as; discovery, depositions, judgements, credit damage, liens, writs of execution and the cost of time and money spent for their defense.

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Customized Approach

One size does not fit all - every debt and debtor is different and will call for a different legal approach. A debt collection attorney will advise you on the best legal strategy to recover your money.

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Middle-East Debt Collection Agency

If you want to take the pressure and frustration off of your shoulders and place it on your debtor's, enter your information for free instant access to pre-screened and experienced debt collection lawyers in middle-east.

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Don't Wait to Hire a Debt Collection Agency:

Our accounts receivables collection techniques are designed to help you recover debts in Middle-East faster while keeping costs to a minimum.

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How to Collect Debt in Dubai
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How to Collect a Debt in Dubai

We do this by 1st exchanging information with your debtor with payment warnings that are cautiously scheduled and efficient.
Then, through our debt collectors in Dubai, we smoothly recover the remaining debts, as well as legal intervention when necessary.

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Well-experienced and multilingual team of collectors

In our work we count on the professional skills and innovative thinking of our staff, as well as on our wide network of partners and clients in Middle-East and                          all over the world.
Our experience so far helps us to evaluate your particular situation and finding the most effective way to act in order to recover your debt.

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best debt collection agencylow cost debt collection agency
Collect in Dubai and emirates, Fast

Individual Approach & Multiple Solutions

Our commission fee is based on results. There are no sign-up fees, letter writing fees, or phone costs.
We charge you only for collected amounts. There could be additional charges for business extracts or other information, tracing the debtor’s address as well.If court proceedings are necessary, our standard charging rates apply and there is a court fee payable as well.
It varies according to the value of the claim. We may require advance payment of the fee before initiating proceedings.
We will, of course, give you the option of deciding whether to proceed before these charges are applied.
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What Customers say about Our Debt Collection Services

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"We have been very satisfied with the collection services provided by them. The collections ratio has been the best we have experienced with a good success rate. Our Billing Staff and Managers have found their personnel to be very professional, friendly and ethical."
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Dan Rowell
Medical Imaging Inc.
“We first engaged their services 2000's for the purpose of collecting overdue accounts. During this time, Cosmopolite has proven itself to be a competent, efficient collection agency with a large success rate in collecting both small and large dollar amounts and a minimal number of account returns.”
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Mario Jaen
Citi Spain
“We had great difficulties collecting payments from Emirates based companies for the past few years. This agency was able to help us recover it in 3 weeks! We gladly recommend them.”
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Henry Miller
“We have received outstanding service from your organization for the past four years. The communication and response time from your staff has been exceptional.
Our client representative has always been willing to take the extra effort to help resolve matters and is timely in her communications.
Thank you for years of service and dedication!"
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Theo Massi
“Our collection staff has found Cosmopolite personnel to be professional, enjoyable and willing to work within the boundaries set by our department.”
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Andres Collier
“We are very pleased with the debt collection solutions provided and the fast recoveries made. We would recommend Cosmopolite and the team to other clients, we and will use them again and always."
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Daniel Mann
German Exp.

We Will Contact The Debtor on Your Behalf. Fast.

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We are problem solvers.

Put your past due accounts into our quick, simple and cost effective system for debt recovery. We've completely automated the process, allowing you to place an account in minutes. You pay no up-front fees.
Our firm and our network of law firms and collection agencies earn money from our contingency fee when you get paid. If you don't get paid, you owe us nothing.

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how to collect a debt in Dubai
In some cases the debtor refuses to pay because they may have a genuine dispute or cashflow problems.

Our objectives towards debt collection are to make you top of the creditors list and secure a prompt payment from the debtor in Dubai and all UAE, quickly.

Preliminary due diligence insures that only qualified cases with a visible potential for recovery are forwarded to attorneys for final collection in Dubai.
Abu Dhabi
Debt Collectors & Lawyers
We have skilled debt collectors in Abu Dhabi to effectively demand payment, resolve disputes and follow up with appropriate court action and repossession if necessary.

We know prompt action produces results and therefore all debts submitted or instructions received by2PMare guaranteed to be processed and actioned by our debt collectors the same day.
Speed up your cash flow and keep your money in your bank account where it belongs; We specialises in speedy debt recovery for all commercial and personal debt in the Emirates and world-wide.
Debt Collection Team
We have program designed to legally execute on any debt in Qatar according to the laws where jurisdiction prevails. Prior to forwarding a case to an attorney, all cases are thoroughly researched and investigated. An asset investigator is tasked to conduct a Financial Profile Search on the debtor company and its principals.
Our specialised teams will explore all forms of payment options with your debtors in Qatar including supervised instalments.

How difficult is debt collecting in Emirates?

Knowing the options available to collect the cash from debtors without going to court in UAE will always be a good alternative. Our Dubai based debt collection agency can fulfill warning letters and make phone calls and emails to contact debtors and convince them to pay back the money they owe. The creditor must bear in mind, nevertheless, that the time the agency may devote to negotiate a reasonable arrangement with the debtor relies on different factors, such as the debt age and the financial health of the debtor.
If our debt collectors in UAE are unable to reach the debtor with the creditor's contact details, they will look further, conducting private investigations to verify if the debtor is still active and that the chances of recovery are the greatest. Therefore, it is important to be conscious of the credit quality condition of the debtor.

What is the time limit to collect debt in Emirates?

The debt is regulated by UAE debt laws, place where the credit agreement is signed, instead of the laws of the country of origin of the borrower/debtor. The time limit is in fact 15 years in the UAE.  We saw a number of debt collection requests as old as 15 years. There are also a proportion of techniques that can be implemented to make sure that even the limit statutes 15 years, there are still options to chase the debt.

What about the Court procedures to Collect a Debt in UAE?

If the amicable efforts to recover a debt are unsuccessful, there will be no other alternatives available to the creditor but to turn to the court to ensure the collection of the monies.
In this situation, the claimant may bring a civil or commercial lawsuit, by proceeding before the courts and judicial tribunals along the usual litigation process.
Below, we've given a bit of light on the UAE judicial system:
The legal system of the UAE is a system of civil law. The main sources of civil law are the federal protocols implemented in accordance with Article 121 of the Constitution. Among these, the most relevant laws are the Law of Civil Transactions, Law of Commercial Transactions, Law of Bankruptcy, Law of Companies, Law of Employment and Law of Civil Procedure.
The Federal Judiciary is the Supreme Court of the Federal Court; Abu Dhabi's Emirates, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, and Umm AL Quwain have a federal court system that involves a First Instance Judicial, Court of Appeal, and Federal Supreme Court.
Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah have maintained their respective legal systems and as the ultimate judicial power, they have a Court of Cassation. The Federal Court Court of Appeal receive appeals from Federal Court of First Instance rulings in the federal structure.
Appeals from these Federal Courts are heard by the Federal Supreme Court. Dubai, on the other hand, has its own First Instance Court, Court of Appeal and Cassation Court.
The Dubai Court of Cassation regulates and functions as a court of appeal from the Dubai Court of Appeal's rulings which implements all federal laws and Dubai Emirates rules.

What is the best way to Collect a Debt in UAE?

The most effective way to increase debt recovery chances  is to collect it before proceedings are taken.  
Our debt collectors in UAE are familiar with these rules. Therefore, they are much more able to handle their customers complex cases. The debtors see debt recovery as a genuine undertaking and many collectors are truthful, they will try to create a payment solution that can help them to reimburse the debt, as full payment, a number of monthly payments or even a reduced payment.

What about the local regulations in debt recovery?

The legal process for debt collection in the UAE is now very well regulated. The Court, judgment and enforcement route still settles most of the money claims with courts often involved in final stages.
The systems of the UAE courts are designed to deal mit various kinds of money claims, local and including cross-border debt collections.