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As Reputable Experts in Spanish Debt Collection, We will work with you to make sure your accounts are paid.

Our Agency delivers a robust Spanish debt collection program using the most advanced methods to track debtors and recover money owed to your business. Interacting with debtors can be quite difficult for customers, not to mention the effort it may take to get the debt back. Cosmo Spain takes away the pressure from company owners and helps them to refocus on what they do best: expand their business and reduce costs.

debt collection agency Spain
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Collecting Debts in Spain is quite challenging. Use our Spanish debt collection specialists and set-up a working debt collection approach. Our debt collection experts are very familiar with the rules of collection in Spain.

Debt Collection in Spain with Success
With a full menu of end to end account receivables management solutions, the results are speedy debt collections with much less third party intervention than the industry's standard. We deliver the power of a third party intervention while allowing you to remain in control at all times. Have your unpaids accounts in Spain collected quickly.
Proven Experience in Spanish Amicable & Legal Debt Collection
Obtaining a steady positive cash flow is just one of the benefits that our advanced accounts receivables management system provides your business. As the alternative to traditional collection agencies, we have achieved a success rate more than 4 times the industry average for Spain.
debt collection agency in Spain
New debt collection techniques

We take the time to properly profile each Account

Recover Quickly Whats is Due To You

In dealing with domestic and international debtors, our Spanish Debt Collection Company has an impressive good name. We have a business model based on a high-level approach with a philosophy of value, productivity and high success rate. Our lawyers and debt collectors are the best in their field and have over 20 years of experience.
As a result, we know how to manage and collect payments for your debtors in Spain. Fast.

Soft Actions and Strong, When Required

The first method we take is generally mild to ensure that you receive your payment. Moreover, the debtor would perhaps mistakenly have omitted the sent invoice or reminder. Nevertheless, if the debtor does not react to our efforts, we will move to more drastic actions, such as processes, preliminary orders, a motion for bankruptcy or a moderate warrant.
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You are working hard for your capital, guaranteeing that activities are working smoothly, that your customers encounter outstanding service, and that your business is successful financially. Our goal is to focus on these important responsibilities. Our 20 + year background gives us a strong and successful track record of collecting aggressively on outstanding balances of all sizes in a wide range of industries, including insurance, banking, public utilities, client services and many others.

Quality Solutions for You

Cosmopolite Agency is your dedicated Spanish debt collection agent, supporting companies of all sizes with industry-leading debt collection services in Spain. We provide extremely effective and friendly services for collections, respecting both parties relations.
Our helpful team members also assist debtors with integrity and responsibility to fulfil their financial obligations.
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Debt Recovery in Spain!

Bad customer payment practices are a risk to any business: that's why our Spanish lawyers and our debt collection team will respond if you're having issues with unpaid Spanish accounts.
We help companies recover unpaid accounts receivable out-of-court and in Spanish Courts.

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We Are Problem Solvers

Our Agency focuses in tailor-made debt recovery and credit management solutions across Spain, from early to late debt collections.
We adopt a responsible, moral and intelligent approach to Spanish debt collection, taking into consideration the reputation of our Clients and the conditions of their consumers.

Are you looking to expand your business to Spain but concerned about how to securely and quickly collect outstanding invoices?

From the outside, Spanish debt collection laws may seem complex, demanding specialist knowledge of local customs and practises.

However, with the right debt collection services in place, managing your accounts receivable safely and efficiently can be a breeze.

At Cosmopolite, we specialise in Spanish debt collection. With our expert team of multilingual agents, 24/7 CRM services and Premium Support, we provide an unmatched level of service when it comes to recovering outstanding payments from Spanish-based companies.

Our team of industry experts have extensive knowledge of the local financial landscape – from major industries to specific regulations – plus a thorough understanding of the cultural nuances required for effective debt collection.

In this blog post, we will discuss best practises and unique features in Spanish debt collecting services that can help overseas companies maximise their collections — and enjoy total peace of mind when it comes to their accounts receivable.


The Local Financial Landscape in Spain

Ah, Spain! Home to some of the world’s most iconic monuments, breathtaking coastlines, and tapas. But, beyond its rich culture and history,

Spain is a country of immense financial potential. As you dive into the debt collection business in this vibrant market, it's important to understand its unique characteristics—starting with payment behaviour.

Companies in Spain are known for their long payment cycles—often ranging from 70 to 80 days on average. This is one of the challenges in collecting unpaid invoices from Spanish companies.

To effectively tackle this issue, it's essential that you build strong relationships with local partners: private debt collectors who have extensive experience navigating the local financial landscape.

Additionally, banks generally collect their own debts; many companies turn to debt collectors for help when needed. Some even choose to involve international lawyers to assist with collecting debts from businesses in Spain.

With the right combination of resources, your overseas business will benefit greatly by having specialist teams working on your behalf in gaining more insight into the payment behaviour of local businesses.

What Makes a Professional Debt Collection Agency in Spain?

When considering working with a debt collection agency in Spain, it’s important to make sure you are getting the most professional service possible. Professional debt collection services are legally compliant and equipped with the necessary resources to increase the speed and success of recovering debts from Spanish companies.

So what makes a professional debt collection agency in Spain?

First, look for a service that uses advanced technology to prioritise and manage debt collections. Data-driven insights will help your team have an edge in understanding customer patterns and pursuing payments of money owed to creditors.

You should also consider an agency that works with experienced and knowledgeable Spanish law firms, as they can efficiently navigate local laws and regulations to pursue payment.

And finally, selecting a service that offers multilingual agents, 24/7 CRM support, and Premium support can give your company the extra edge you need to ensure a successful outcome when collecting outstanding invoices from Spain-based companies.

Benefits of Using Native Spanish Debt Collectors

When it comes to collecting unpaid invoices in Spain, you can trust native debt collectors to have the experience and resources to get the job done. Local debt collection agencies offer a variety of services, such as multilingual agents and 24/7 customer relationship management (CRM).

Plus, you can rest assured that they understand the local legal system when it comes to taking legal action for debt collection if needed.

Furthermore, native Spanish debt collectors have a better understanding of the culture and nuances of Spanish businesses. They know how to interact within companies and how to collect payments in a way that minimises stress or disruption for all parties involved.

It’s also important to note that Spanish companies traditionally have slower payment practises than other countries in Europe. It’s not uncommon for companies in Spain to take anywhere from 90 days–3 months–to pay an invoice.

This is where having a Spanish native debt collector by your side can be incredibly beneficial–they are experienced and knowledgeable about this particular payment practise, so they will know how to deal with any issues should they arise quickly and effectively.

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In some cases the debtor refuses to pay because they may have a genuine dispute or cashflow problems.

Our objectives towards debt collection are to make you top of the creditors list and secure a prompt payment from the debtor in Barcelona and all Spain, quickly.

Preliminary due diligence insures that only qualified cases with a visible potential for recovery are forwarded to attorneys for final collection in Barcelona.
Debt Collectors & Lawyers
We have skilled debt collectors in Madrid to effectively demand payment, resolve disputes and follow up with appropriate court action and repossession if necessary.

We know prompt action produces results and therefore all debts submitted or instructions received by2PMare guaranteed to be processed and actioned by our debt collectors the same day.
Speed up your cash flow and keep your money in your bank account where it belongs; We specialises in speedy debt recovery for all commercial and personal debt in Spain and worldwide.
Debt Collection Team
We have program designed to legally execute on any debt in Valencia according to the laws where jurisdiction prevails. Prior to forwarding a case to an attorney, all cases are thoroughly researched and investigated. An asset investigator is tasked to conduct a Financial Profile Search on the debtor company and its principals.
Our specialised teams will explore all forms of payment options with your debtors in Valencia including supervised instalments.

Unique Features and Challenges of Collecting Debts in Spain

You may face unique features and challenges in collecting debts in Spain, thanks to language and cultural barriers. Had you been collecting a debt in the US, you would be dealing with different systems of communication. In Spain, you have to consider the language barrier, as well as cultural norms that could prevent businesses from paying their debt on time.

Language Barriers

As English is not a primary or official language across Spain, it can be hard to communicate with Spanish businesses if your native tongue isn’t Spanish. It can be difficult to understand legal documents written in Spanish by Spanish lawyers and hence having a native speaker’s help is essential for avoiding potential pitfalls related to language barriers.

Cultural Barriers

Due to the cultural differences between different regions of Spain, certain norms for debt collection are observed differently across different regions. For example, some parts of Spain are more likely to take intimate relationships into consideration before paying off debts which may pose difficulty for international companies without local presence. Additionally, other cultural factors like prepayment requirements before delivery or invoice payment could effect the overall process of debt collection for international companies.

Using specialised international lawyers and programmes can help ensure debt collections from businesses in Spain go smoother than expected. With the right processes and procedures in place your chances of recouping your investments will increase drastically!

Best Practises to Get Your Invoices Paid Quickly

When it comes to collecting your invoices in Spain, there are a few best practises that will help you get your money quickly and securely.

Payment Terms

The first step is to be extremely clear about the payment terms for any invoice you send. Make sure it is obvious when the account is due and any applicable penalties for late payments. When clients have all the information needed, they are more likely to adhere to the payment rules.

Start Work After Receiving Payment

It's important to ensure that some type of payment has been made before beginning any work with a customer. This helps you avoid non-payment and ensures cash flow even if you don't end up completing the services in question.

Keep Good Records

For every account you manage, keep detailed records of inventory and time taken, with dates and times included. These records provide valuable evidence should a customer dispute an invoice or not pay on time. It's much easier to make sure everything is documented beforehand than try to piece together information after the fact.

By following these best practises, you can help ensure that invoices are paid on time and that recovery services are not needed for overdue accounts in Spain. And with Cosmopolite’s experienced multi-lingual debt collectors and lawyers, you can have peace of mind knowing we have your back when it comes to collecting unpaid invoices from anywhere in Spain!

FAQs on Debt Collection Services in Spain

Do you have any questions about debt collection services in Spain? Here are some of the most frequent questions we receive from our clients.

What is the average time to collect a debt in Spain?

The average collection time for debts in Spain is around 90 days, depending on the size and complexity of the debt. In cases where the debtor is insolvent or has other financial issues, it can take up to 6 months for successful debt collection.

What services does a Spanish Debt Collector provide?

A Spanish Debt Collector typically provide services that include: identifying and validating debtors, negotiating payment terms, issuing legal notices and documents, making court claims, offering debt recovery and settlement solutions. We also offer multilingual agents who are experienced in dealing with Spanish companies, 24/7 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to help manage and track accounts receivables, as well as Premium support for clients who require special attention or expertise.

Are there any unique features or challenges when collecting debts in Spain?

Yes. For example, there are strict regulations that govern the legal procedures of debt collection in Spain which often require specialised knowledge and handling. Additionally, being bilingual (Spanish/English) is essential since many of the local laws are written only in Spanish language. Lastly, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations is key if you want to get paid quickly & securely by your customers based in Spain.

Did You Know? 9 Financial Facts About Spain

Did you know that when it comes to overall financial stability, Spain is considered one of the most reliable countries in Europe? That’s because its GDP (gross domestic product) per capita is higher than some other European countries. In addition to that, here are 10 other important facts about Spain’s business landscape:

  1. When it comes to foreign investments, Spain is one of the top destinations in Europe, with nearly 100 billion euros invested in 2016.
  2. Spanish banks remain well-capitalised and liquid, and have not been affected by Europe's economic turbulence.
  3. The Spanish economy is highly diversified and open to international trade; exports make up about 32% of GDP.
  4. Its large tourism sector makes a significant contribution to GDP growth; in 2018, 82 million international tourists visited the country.
  5. The automotive industry is one of the largest contributors to the Spanish economy; car production increased by 5% in 2018 and continues growing steadily.
  6. Construction and real estate are also two key industries that contribute significantly to economic growth in Spain; they grew at an average of 3% annually between 2008 – 2016.
  7. Agriculture contributes almost 10% to GDP, making it an important sector for economic growth as well; it employs almost 3% of the total labour force
  8. Energy consumption has also been increasing steadily over the past few years, with oil being its main import type (2019 figures show a 5% increase compared to last year).
  9. The telecommunications sector has seen great growth over the past decade due its investment in new technologies 10 Financial services account for 8% of gross domestic product (GDP).
Debt collection services in Spain have become more advanced and secure, offering businesses the necessary tools to maintain healthy cash flow. With the use of Spanish native debt collectors, businesses have access to multilingual agents, a 24/7 CRM, and premium support.

The benefits of secured debt collection services in Spain allow businesses from across the globe to feel confident in continuing their operations in the local market.

Understanding the financial landscape and the industries that play a significant role in debt collection in the region can also help businesses to better negotiate and secure debt collection services.

All in all, leveraging the best practises of debt collection in Spain can provide funds more quickly, provide more security, offer more creativity, and ultimately, help businesses to stay ahead of the game.