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International Debt Collections services, since 20 years.
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For our Clients and Accounts, we are here to help and solve, quickly.
Smart Technology
We have built our own debt collection software, multi-lingual and AI loaded.
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We offer professional and premium receivables management solutions which will fulfil your requirements. No matter the volume of your unpaid accounts, we are able to offer the highest level of debt collection services. Our collectors are professional and trained, able to contact and collect quickly.
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As acknowledged specialists in Worldwide Debt Collection, we will work with you to ensure fast settlement of unpaid accounts

Underlying technology is our service's core, providing consumers with access to creative credit management solutions without capital spending or development costs.
Leading global businesses in manufacturing, advertising, telecommunications, finance, insolvency, accounting, logistics, and innovation use the outsource system of our debt collection agency on a daily basis to drive increased cost savings and debt collections.

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Since the group was launched in 1999, we have gained an unrivalled reputation for excellence in Worldwide Debt Collection.

Our experienced debt collectors and in-house legal team work across more than 100 countries worldwide and in 22 languages.

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Debt Collection Agency for Worldwide Accounts

Working Routine

Our services are underpinned by a powerful multi-lingual e-communications platform and payment portal technology, exclusive to our debt collection agency. There is no magic formula to collect international debts fast, but we are close to it!

Strong Principles

Our Worldwide Debt Collection service is founded on the following principles:
- Cash collection performance
- Communication with all stakeholders
- Consistency of approach
- Compliance with legal requirements
- Commitment to the achievement of measurable results

Worldwide Debt Collection

Our clients require scalable worldwide debt collection solutions that match their organisation and business process. From tracing to credit checking to assess your customer's debtor's ability to pay, all of the services you need are at your disposal.Contact us now to see how the bespoke solution we create together will revolutionise your performance, whilst retaining your valuable relationships.

The Right Solution For You

First, we will work with you to determine your optimum collection strategy. Our in-house project team will assist you to develop a clear litigation solution. At this point, we will implement our proven collection service, so that you can see your strategies come alive in real time. You will be able to track the progress of your accounts quickly and intuitively through our client extranet secure in the knowledge that our account manager will be on hand as your single, dedicated point of contact.
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2000+ Happy Clients all Around the World

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“I just wanted to write and thank you personally for the results you have produced for our company. You were able to collect money that had been considered a write-off and been placed into our 108 bad debit files...To date you have collected in 12 different countries that have yielded a total of $6.3 million in recovered funds. Thanks again." - Voyager Travel Network"
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“We have used the services of your company for the past three years and have had fantastic success with all files listed. Ranging from a 200,000USD account in Belgium to a 2 Million USD account in France. All cases have been executed expediently and thoroughly."
MarC Parker
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“Congratulations to all of your staff in the collection of the accounts. Your people have managed to impress me, which is not easy. Our accounts, though not large individually, do add up when you consider that we have assigned 82 accounts thus far. To date you have been able to recover 72% of our money!"
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How soon should I send a claim to your office?

Make at least three or four attempts to collect a bad debt. Call the debtor and send at least one letter requesting payment. If a debtor has not paid in 90 days, he probably won't pay voluntarily and you should send your claim to me for handling.

How large must my claim be?

The size of the claim you will want to send to us for handling depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend for court costs. Assuming you have a claim against one debtor, living in Chicago, minimum initial court costs will be $350 - $500. Costs vary depending on the amount owed, mileage charges and the amount of current address and asset information you can provide. For claims under $1000, we do not usually advise filing suit. For smaller claims, we will call the debtor and write a letter demanding payment. A letter from an attorney can prompt payment. Contact us for a free quote.

How often will I receive reports?

You will receive an email from our office, confirming receipt of your claim, within 24 hours. After 14 to 21 days, we will advise you whether or not a lawsuit should be filed. Later reports depend on new developments, but you can expect to hear from us every 7 to 15 days.Our debt collection software maintains a complete file history of each of your claims. If you need an immediate report, we can give you a report over the telephone or email you a written report. All status requests are answered by email the day they are received.

What happens if the debtor offers to settle?

Debtors frequently offer to settle claims for a reduced amount or to make payments over time. If the debtor makes a reasonable offer for a lump payment, we will convey that offer to you with our recommendations. You may accept or reject the offer, or make a counteroffer. No settlements will be made without your approval.
We accept payment plans from debtors based upon their ability to pay and willingness to provide asset information. We police payment plans carefully. Once the debtor misses two payments, we start action to collect through other means.

What do I do if the debtor calls me?

Debtors often try to settle directly with the creditor once a lawsuit is filed. If you receive a call from your debtor, don't discuss your case. Tell the debtor to call our office.

Will I have to go to court?

We understand that you don't want to go to court. We make every effort to avoid trials by actively prosecuting your claim through motions and discovery procedures. Sometimes a trial is necessary. We will let you know your trial date several weeks in advance. Prior to the trial, we will help you prepare your case.