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1. Account Placement

Your accounts are logged into our property automated collections programs whereby an acknowledgment is sent to you the client and a dun notice is sent to the debtor.

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2. Skip Tracing

If the collection notice informing the debtor of his indebtedness and balance is returned undelivered then extensive efforts to locate your debtor commences.

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3. Successful Location

If contact is made with your debtor, we will demand payment in full. Once payment has been received it will immediately be deposited in a trust account and mailed to you along with a detailed report outlining each payment.

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How to Collect a Debt In Spain

It would be better for a claimant in Spain to seek an out-of-court settlement to recover a debt, as legal proceedings can be lengthy, difficult, and expensive. As a result, 90 per cent of the conflicts are settled out of court and just 10 per cent of the cases need court involvement.

The first step in obtaining an out-of-court settlement

would be for the applicant to submit a formal late payment payment request to the debtor, providing for a fair time period for recovery. The petition for payment is made either by certified mail or by burofax, a quick and secure service that accredits the dispatch of documents and their content. If the debtor fails to pay his debt in this time, he will be defaulting on repayments.

In short, a creditor should try to reach an out-of-court settlement to recover debts before reclaiming them through legal action.

The "Monitorio procedure" is extremely appropriate when having to deal with smaller debts which would incur high costs if handled in court. It is strongly recommended to use a lawyer's services for the "Monitorio Case," because they would be acquainted with the specific criteria of the initial stages of the proceedings as well as those of the traditional legal procedures that could inevitably shift to the argument. Contact Us for a Free Quote