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Do you have a client who doesn't pay the invoices for your company?

Our debt recovery attorneys have the means to make restitution to your creditors.

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We are a debt collection firm committed to debt recovery. We have knowledge and experience at our fingertips to support you in the restructuring of your corporate debt.

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1.1 Call the debtor promptly and inquire why no payment has been received. Is there no answer? So send a letter of claim The client can wait until you hire a lawyer, as is common in the UK.


2.1 Before handing the petition to us for rehabilitation, it is customary to give a final letter of submission. This should include the following information: particulars of the claim; a payment period of 7 to 21 days; repercussions if the consumer fails to pay within this timeframe.


3.1 Debt recovery attorneys have more means available than a debt recovery service or bailiff to put pressure on your debtor. We can also support you during both the extrajudicial process and the judicial phase. Which saves you both time and money.


4.1 We will always send you clear guidance about the chances that your debt recovery plan will proceed. It's very important to us to put your needs first. And we always think what your best option would be. That is the reason why honesty and justice are our core values.


5.1 Our approach to commercial debt recovery is tailored to every single case, presenting you with personalized guidance.


6.1 Our approach to commercial debt recovery is tailored to every single case, presenting you with personalized guidance.


7.1 The method of debt collection may be split into two stages. Selection takes place during the extrajudicial process, without the intervention of the Court.

7.2 They do include the Court during the judicial process. Because we are a debt collection firm, we are able to assist you in both processes. Most of the problems are settled during the extrajudicial process, without the intervention of the Court.

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8.1 In principle we always start with the extrajudicial phase of the debt collection process. We're trying to prevent interference by the Court during this process. We must email your debtor to make sure your debtor has still not billed. We do have the following options at this stage:

  • Written letters of demand and telephone calls: We give a written letter of complaint to the debtor and contact them by telephone, demanding that they settle the claim within days;
  • To make a deal: Your attorneys will use their experience of legal customs and laws to reach contract with your defendant. Achieving a settlement in the United Kingdom is a very popular means of motivating the consumer pay. It can also be used in judicial proceedings;
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): This is a more effective, quicker and safer way to settle disputes without interference by the Tribunal. An example is Mediation. It can give clarity to both sides in a shorter period of time, because there is no need to wait for a court decision.

8.2 The Courts are actively encouraging ADR. In reality, if a group has unreasonably refused to engage in ADR they do not like it. What ADR approach is correct for your situation depends largely on whether the debtor is willing to engage, and the sort of contractual relationship that you have;

8.3 Announcing legal proceedings: Announcement of legal proceedings will often induce the British debtor to pay.

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International Debt Collection Agency


9.1 If the claimant fails to pay within a specified period of time, we can begin legal proceedings in consultation with you. We will always provide you with information about possible costs in advance, and we will only continue after you have received your approval. To move against your debtor we have the following options:

  • Payment order: In other Eu countries, there is no institutional alternative of a 'order for payment procedure' in England & Wales.
  • Ordinary criminal proceedings: Cases are dealt with in the following three types in England & Wales:

  1. "Mini claims": claims below £ 10,000 are classified as "small claims." For fact, trials are not as lengthy as those for statements of higher value. There is simply no sound at times. A downside is that the losing party is seldom paid the expenses of these prosecutions; 
  2. "Fast track": These cases are used for higher value, non-complex disputes (usually up to £ 25,000). These acts tend to take longer than' small claims.' Sometimes, the court will sometimes rule that the losing party will pay at least part of the costs of the trial. The sum however is at the Court's discretion;
  3. "Single track": lawsuits in excess of £ 25,000, or particularly complex cases, are dealt with in single-track situations. Such hearings, on average, take longer, with the final hearing usually taking more than a day. There is more readiness on the part of the Court to mandate that the opposing party be required to pay the expenses of the litigation, although the sum is again at the court's discretion;

Winding-up / bankruptcy petition: Unlike in other European countries (for example, the Netherlands), bankruptcy proceedings in the United Kingdom are not very fast or inexpensive. It is viewed as a' third step' to debt recovery. This takes several months, and is quite expensive in England and Wales. Hence, debating with a Solicitor whether this is the right thing for your case is important.


In the case of an uncontested dispute between two parties residing in EU Member States (except Denmark).

European order for payment proceedings may be initiated.

In your case, the prosecutor who manages your case will decide whether this kind of action is acceptable.

The claimant typically filled out a standard form for EU Order for Payment procedures and submits this to the Tribunal. Instead, the Court issues a European Transaction Order. 

The debtor then has 30 days to decide whether they object to the charge. If no response is obtained within the 30-day timeframe, you can require the Court to finalize the payment order (called a "declaration of enforceability"). 

This decision is true and enforceable and is recognized in any Member State (except Denmark). The EU Transaction Order is never useful for contested matters (so not in situations where there is a disagreement over the invoice). 

The benefits of this process are convenience and low costs (some Member States don't even charge a court fee), but the downside is that if it gets challenged, the case stops and if the claimant wants to continue, a regular civil action will have to be launched.

Debt Recovery in England and Wales. Fast.

Our business debt recovery methodology is customized to every single instance, so that we can provide objective advice to you.
We will always give our objective advice on the likelihood of your debt recovery being successful.
It is essential to us to place your interests first; we aim at providing you with your possibilities and suggestions on the best path to take. It is clear to see how we are pursuing our fundamental values of integrity and justice.

Collect a Debt In England and Wales

What To Do When Your Customer in Wales England is Not Paying

- Contact your customer and demand why no payment has been and when exactly it will be.
   Always request the payment copy sent to you.
- Are you not able to solve the problem with your customer? Send them a certified letter requesting immediate payment.
- Be conscious that with ambiguous payment terms or arguments, your Wales based debtor may try to gain additional time.
Persevere, be direct and never postpone.
- In England and Wales, a payment period of three to seven days is normal

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Our Wales and English debt collection experts have comprehensive experience and perspective of England and Wales laws and policies.
Therefore they are perfectly aware of Wales trading values and traditions.
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Debt Collection Law England

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